We are looking for the best Car - Motorcycle - Engine designers for the new activities in 2019

We have been working with the world's best customers for 19 years, so we are looking for the best designers, for the new activities, even after
adequate extensive training plans for the use of specific systems and methodologies, and for mechanical drawings. 
If you consider yourself prepared, please send us a e-mail at job@sinteng.com with your CV.


Why the best engineers on the market have to work for Sintech Engineering

for 7 Great Reasons


1. Because Sintech is a true engineering company that works only in selected sectors with prime
customers, and not a semi-temporary agency;
2. Because Sintech Engineering select only the best for its customers;
3. Because with revenues totalling € 6 Milion over the last 12 month and with over € 4,9 Milion
in capital, it is one of the Italian SMEs with the largest capitalisation and best performance of 
the last 18 years, and is still growing;
4. Because unlike many improvised small firms, Sintech Engineering is a real, tangible
and transparent company that has been in business for over 18 years and with more than 2.5 Milion
hours of design work behind it;
5. Because is offers its Best Designers the actual chance of working for the world's most prestigious
customers over time;
6. Because Sintech Engineering is a company that is really what it claims to be!
7. Because as proof of al this, it was able to hire no fewer than 43 new designers over the past
12 months.

If you belive you are one of The Best, come work with us. Send your candidacy to Ioanna@sinteng.com

Gianni Domenichini
CEO Sintech


We know quite well that other companies will copy us, as always, including this page. But we also know
that no other engineering company can prove the truth behind these statements, as we will prove to
every Applicant starting with the very first interview !!!