an Italian strong and keen team

Sintech is a leading company in the field of Car and Motorcycle Design located in the heart of the region Emilia, the Italian Motor Valley. Sintech has 20 years of experience, excellent resultes, top international brand customers, a dynamic organizazion , talented people and solid capital. Working hard to react to the difficulties of the pandemic, taking promt and decisive action, mantaining the safty of all workers allowed Sintech, also in 2021, to mantain its high position in the sector.

come and work with us! you will also become part of the research and development teams of the most beautiful and innovative cars and engines in the world

Sintech has been working with the world's best automotive customers for 20 years, so we are looking for the BEST designers, to be included in new activities even after adequate extensive training plans for the use of the most advanced Specific Systems and Methodologies.
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a Team of highly-qualified Designers

Many years of EXPERIENCE in the design of the various components of Road vehicles, Supercars and Racing cars, and also F1 single seaters, is the distinctive feature of the Sintech Engineering Automotive Team.
The many different specializations are documented on the AUTOMOTIVE page. 

Motors Passion was born in our land

Decades of experience in the design of ultra-powerful wonderful powertrains, transmissions, fuel systems and exhaust systems, and incorporating parts of
Automotive - Motorcycles - Large Marine Engines - Electric Car fields
From the co-design of the project, to the modeling of mergers, to the construction drawings and beyond, in the field of testing and calibration

there's a passion for 2-Wheeled racing vehicles in Emilia

Over 10 years we have helped design the most important and powerful Italian Motorbikes, masterpieces of Mechanics and Style above all, exciting just to hear
their fierce roar.
Road Motorbikes, Sporting Motorbikes, Moto GP and Superbike: cycling - mechanics - equipment, beautiful fairings and powertrains - see the Engine section -