Body and Closures

Skilled technicians who have an in-depth knowledge of body and closure design, and problems encountered with raw materials and sheet metal: low weights, high stiffness, shock-resistance, parameterised costs, time to market cut to the minimum.
Designers co-designing with customers using the most effective tools in order
to ensure the highest level of quality.

Vehicle Design and Dynamics

We have a TEAM of engineers dedicated to designing the bodywork and other components and systems for F1 championship cars, in addition to several top specialists who, with the precision of gifted craftsmen, shape the surfaces created in a Wind Tunnel using the advanced 3D modules of Catia V.5 and UG.
The Vehicle Dynamics section has specialised engineers who travel to the various international tracks during GT competitions to set up the cars competing, all customised for every circuit depending on the specific track characteristics.


Sintech Engineering and Sintech Evolution are involved in designing interior, exterior and dashboard trim. They have designers in Italy and Romania who are specialised in developing trimming for numerous motor vehicles, starting from feasibility studies and continuing up to the design of components for production.


A group of designers specialised in mechanical motor vehicle components with excellent knowledge of core technologies, and first-rate skills in 3D CAD modelling and the building of 2D drafts: views, sections, dimensioning, tolerances, machining, roughness, materials and BOM construction.

DMU and Prototypes

Sintech's offer includes the activities of a group of skilled technicians who work in laboratories with Digital Mock Up tools to analyse vehicle faults, assemblies and disassemblies, and the integration of geometries. They then propose the most
effective design solutions based on the faults found.
The offer also includes the work of travelling engineers who go to the different test tracks to acquire and set up the testing data aimed at developing prototype steps leading up to pre-series production.

Electrical parts

Sintech's offer in the "Electrical" field has been renewed with the design of hybrid drives: Electric motors combined with conventional engines - Inverters - Batteries - KERS systems and their application on vehicles. 
Then we have engineers who make wiring diagrams - even remote by fibre optic and for F1 championship cars - with ORCAD - ZUKEN - LOGICAL CABLE and design and draft
3D drawings of the wiring (interior, engines, systems, etc.) with the specialised CAD modules by UG (electrical routing), CATIA (electrical harness) and Pro/E (Pro/CABLING).