an Italian strong and keen team

Born in 12 th of January 2000,  Sintech is , also in 2021, a leder in Cars and Motorcycle R&D activities, including Electric activities,  located in the heart of the region Emilian , the Italian Motor Valley, which is of abasolute importance on all innternational markets. 

Consolidated revenue over time/ excellent profits/ the uninterrupted growth/  top international brands custommers/capitalization of over 5 milion Euros in liquid reserves/ long term contracts / investments in tecnical and managerial training of the human resurces / constant development initiatives. In 2018 Sintech was awareded the Champion of Growth -Diamond by the German Quality and Finance Institute

22 th year


  • Experience of millions of hours spent designing cars, motorcycles and engines
  • > 80% of Sintech's designers are graduates in various disciplines: mechanics, aeronautics, aerospace, mechatronics, electronics, etc..


  • Wide range HW/SW which includes primary automotive CAD: Catia, Siemens NX, Creo
  • Accurate recruitment process and startup of designers, both professionally and on a personal level 
  • Extensive Training Plans regarding the use of systems and methodologies and mechanical drawing 
  • Becoming part of the client's design team managed by the account 

  • Organization and reactivity 


Milestones and results

 Revenues €  5,6 ml  6,1ml  6,9 ml  6,0 ml  7,1 ml
 N ° Employees  88  92  101  98  99
 Year  2017  2018  2019  2020  2021

Sintech has established itself over the years of the crisis  reinvesting profits in its infastructures and human resources:


* Sintech created in 2009 Sintech Evolution in Romania, and bought the ultra-modern headquarters in 2011 in
Bucharest's city center, alongside the other owned offices in Italy.


*  in 2012 Sintech has set up the operational headquarters in Maranello and in 2013 found Sintech Enterprise to to expand Sintech's global offer.


* in 2015 Sintech bought new representative prestigious offices, in the historic center of Bologna.


* in 2018 Sintech purchased 2 new offices in the prestigious GALLERIA ACQUADERNI near the two tower that are the simbol of Bologna.


* in 2021 obtainedfrom the Federal Employment Agency of Nuremberg, the prestigious Permit (ERLAUBNIS), according to SS1- and 2 of the german law governing the supply of workers in Germany


* in January 2022 inaugurated a modern Information  and Communication Technologies system, to be able to carry out every activity in remote working in total IT and cybersecuruty.

Giovanni Domenichini
CEO Sintech